Undergraduate Continuing Tuition and Fees

Content currently under review - draft only.

Tuition and fees are derived from Tuition and Mandatory Fees and the Tuition and Fee Policy Book.

University of Oregon tuition and fees are based on residency classification, student classification (undergraduate, graduate, etc.), and the number of credits enrolled. 

Mandatory enrollment fees are individually listed below the tuition table. Want to know more about fees? See Mandatory Enrollment & Course Fees.

Select your cohort (Honors College or not), residency classification, and term to display the tuition and fees tables that apply to you. Tuition and fees are per term. (The tables may take a few seconds to load.)

Note: All undergraduate students who first enrolled at the UO prior to summer 2020 ("undergraduate continuing students") had their tuition increases locked to 3 percent per year for up to four years, beginning with fall 2020. After spring 2024, any remaining "undergraduate continuing students" who continue to be enrolled as undergraduates will be added to the 2020 Tuition Cohort during FY25.