Matriculation Fee Frequently Asked Questions

At the beginning of their first term at the UO, all admitted students pay a Matriculation Fee.

Who is a matriculated student?

A matriculated student is one who is both admitted and enrolled at the University of Oregon. Thus, a student's "matriculation term" is the first term in which a student is both admitted and enrolled at the UO.

What is the matriculation fee?

The Matriculation Fee is a one-time fee charged to newly admitted students upon enrollment.  This one-time assessment was developed to reduce the number of enrollment-related fees charged to a student. The fees are also used to support academic programming for Freshman Interest Groups and other learning communities. 

If a student does a complete withdrawal in their matriculation term, will they be assessed the fee?

Students who withdraw on the first day of classes or after will be assessed the matriculation fee. Students who do a complete withdrawal, drop all courses for the term, before the first day of classes will NOT be assessed the fee.

Will students pay the fee again if they move from undergraduate to graduate level studies at the UO?

No. Students will be expected to pay the fee once and only once.

Do CEP students pay the fee?

No. Community Education Program (CEP) students are non-admitted, thus non-matriculated students.

If CEP students do not pay a matriculation fee, will they pay separately for those services covered by the matriculation fee?

No. CEP students will not be required to pay for change of program fees or other matriculation fee-related services.

Do re-enrolling students pay the matriculation fee?

Previously matriculated students who re-enroll/re-register do not pay a matriculation fee, regardless of their actual matriculation term. Returning students are eligible for matriculation fee-related services.

Do students who use the faculty/staff tuition benefit pay the matriculation fee?

Resource fees, of which the matriculation fee is one, apply to all matriculated students, including those who receive the faculty/staff tuition benefit (i.e., faculty, staff, and qualified family members or partners). Students who use the benefit and who take courses through the Community Education Program do not pay the matriculation fee because they are not admitted students.

Questions about the matriculation fee should be referred to the Office of the Registrar.